Babai Toys

About Babai Toys

Our story began with a toy.

A toy that we were looking for our kids.

In our thoughts, it could be made of natural materials, without imposed
characters, mandatory emotions or bright colours on it. Also, we think, that
it would be great, if this toy had minimalist design and the ability to use at
home, travel and definitely not only in one time. Which would be as beautiful
as nature.

Babai's Values and Beliefs

We share our core values and believe that they can change at least a little

some views for life & childhood.

Our product main ideas are:

• Childhood is a story. Story about miracle in little things, in beauty nature,
in love and care. And toy is only one part of a story, which you create.
• Any toy can be used not only in one way and not only at one age.
• Everything that surrounds kids is a part of life and environment, and the
environment forms a worldview.
• Everything that we create is safe for kids and for the environment.
• Parents and kid’s life is a one way, which can balance and combine books
about Dali, favourite magazines and ABC with all small favourite toys.
• Kid’s toys & furniture can be continuation of nature and the beginning of a
beautiful aesthetic and ethical trip.
We can go on forever, because this is our love and our life.